Do I need a referral?

In accordance with Medicare requirements you will need a current referral from your GP or optometrist. Most referrals are current for 12 months from the date of issue. A specialist doctor’s referral is valid for three months. If you are unsure whether you need a new referral please call our staff.

Updated referrals provide our doctors with your important up-to-date medical history and medications.

What happens if I don’t have a current referral?

Medicare will pay a reduced rebate on the consultation – approximately half.

How do I make an appointment?

Your referring GP or Optometrist may arrange an appointment for you, or they may leave it to you to do so. Simply telephone our staff to make your appointment. We often have a high demand for patients to be seen in a short space of time, so it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible regarding your eye problem to enable us to offer an appointment in a timely manner.

Our Paediatric ophthalmologist will ask that all referrals be sent to the practice before an appointment is made. This allows her to triage the referral and ensure patients are seen in a time frame that meets their referral needs.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Referral letter
  • Medicare/Veterans Affairs card
  • Private Health Insurance details
  • Government concession card
  • Any relevant scans, x-rays or medical history pertaining to your eye condition
  • Your current prescription glasses

Can I drive after my visit?

You may have dilating drops administered to your eye and so it is best to arrange a driver, or use public transport.  These dilating drops dilate your pupil and allow your ophthalmologist to fully assess your eye. The dilating drops may take one to two hours or longer to wear off and we also recommend that you bring sunglasses with you to avoid the glare when you leave.

How long will my appointment take?

Please allow up to 2 hours for your initial appointment for us to be able to fully assess your eyes and perform appropriate tests. We will always try to advise you of the length of time for subsequent visits.

Will I be required to pay for my appointment on the day?

Yes, we do ask that you pay your account in full. EFTPOS facilities are available. We will lodge your account electronically with Medicare on your behalf.  You will have your bank account details registered with Medicare and they will reimburse their rebate generally within 24 hours.

Do you prescribe glasses?

We suggest that you see your optometrist to get your glasses updated or prescribed.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Patients who have had surgery with one of our Ophthalmologists will be given After Hours contact details in the event of an emergency.

New patients with urgent problems should ask their referring practitioner or optometrist to contact us directly to arrange an emergency appointment.

If you are unable to contact us or see your practitioner first we suggest that you visit your nearest Emergency Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital or The Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Who will I see when I come into Eye Consultants SA for an appointment?

Once our reception staff have your file ready one of our Orthoptists, Nurses or Ophthalmic Assistants will complete your medical history and perform a vision test along with any other tests relevant to your eye condition, before you see your Ophthalmologist.

What is an Orthoptist or Ophthalmic Assistant?

Orthoptists are university trained allied health practitioners.

Our Ophthalmic Assistants are trained by our experienced Orthoptists.

These clinical staff will assess your vision as well as any of the following tests:

    • Measure the power in your glasses
    • Measure the pressure in your eyes (a glaucoma check)
    • Visual Field Testing
    • Colour vision assessment
    • Angiograms, and photography of the eye
    • OCT (Ocular coherence tomography)
    • Fundus photos
    • Measure the eye for cataract surgery.


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